Mykyta Panov
Khortytsia National Educational Rehabilitation Academy
PDF 177-190 (Українська)


professional adaptation
the unemployed
problemogenic society
professional readaptation
career orientations
motivation for success
professional self-realization

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The article addresses the phenomenon of a person’s professional adaptation; in particular the possible adaptation strategies are considered, which can occur both according to the adaptive functioning scenario and into the direction of a person’s professional development. The main features and criteria of professional adaptation are analyzed.

The main features and criteria of professional adaptation are considered from the perspective of various scientific approaches. An important aspect of the topic under study is the understanding of professional adaptation as a life-long process, which involves continuous adaptation to changing conditions of professional work. The article also analyzes the phenomenon of maladaptation, presents the reasons for secondary adaptation and its main components, in particular, psychophysiological, professional, psychological, social as well as organizational and regulatory. An important aspect of this study is the determination of maladaptation features characteristic for modern problemogenic society, which can become psychophysiological causes of stress experiencing, can disturb a person’s inner sense of psychological security at the situation of unemployment.

In the course of the empirical research, a comparative analysis of career and motivational attitudes was carried out for the unemployed belonging to the internally displaced persons and to the local unemployed. The research findings indicate a higher desire for leadership and entrepreneurship characteristic for the unemployed - internally displaced persons (IDPs). However, an insufficient success motivation, as well as a focus on competition and risk, combined with the need for stability, restricts significantly the opportunities of such unemployed to implement their professional plans and goals.

The presented patterns emphasize the importance and necessity of psychological assistance for the IDPs unemployed, aimed at shaping the necessary attitudes and motivation that will contribute to the realization of their needs and aspirations regarding a meaningful professional   self-realization.


PDF 177-190 (Українська)


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