Yan Chaplak
Yurii Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University
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mechanisms of empathy

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Article is deals with the analysis of the phenomenon of empathy as a complex comprehensive psychic phenomenon, the essence of which – in the condolence and compassion to another person on the basis of perception of her internal state, the ability to put oneself in the place of the suffering person, and look at the situation with her eyes, understand her thoughts and experiences.

It is noted that in psychology scientists are comprehensively studied the concept, types, forms and mechanisms of empathy, its structure and role in the formation of altruistic helping behavior and life activity of a person in general, but in the research of this phenomenon there is much uncertainty and controversy.

The purpose of this paper is to theoretically analyze various aspects of understanding of empathy in psychology and empirically investigate the level of empathy of future psychologists and its connection with their personal characteristics.

We note that we are not ready to recognize empathy as a purely emotional process, because we perceive in it, in addition to emotional, not only cognitive and behavioral components: at a conscious level, empathy is the “comprehension” of the internal state of another person, and appropriate to the situation supporting and helping behavior of the subject of empathy; on an unconscious level (about which, in particular, testifies to the inability to control this process) empathy (as synchronization with someone else's experiences and involuntary involvement in the inner world of another person) is the result of a peculiar of non-sensory intuitive insight of the experiences of another person, transmission by them and temporary identification with the object of empathy.

The following techniques: to determine the level of subjective control (LSC test) by J. Rotter, adaptation of E. F. Vazhin, S. A. Golynkina, A. M. Aktind; diagnostics of the level of empathic abilities V.V. Boyko; “Scale of emotional response”, technique of diagnostics of empathy by A.Megrabian and N. Epshtein; Manifest Anxiety Scale (MAS) J. Taylor, adaptation of T.A. Nemchin), – were used in the empirical study

The results of the empirical study indicate that, despite the fact that empathy is a professionally important quality of a psychologist, its development in students − future psychologists is inadequate (mostly low and lower). The exception is the emotional component of empathy, which in most of the respondents is manifested at a high level, correlated with anxiety and the internal level of subjective control of personality.

It is concluded that empathy (as a complex psychological phenomenon) is often understood as: the process of understanding of the mental state of another person; the ability to put oneself in its place and feel everything (thoughts, feelings, meanings, etc.), how this person feels; condolence for another person for her suffering, which transforms into a desire to help her; in psychotherapy, another feature of empathy is added: a message to a person who is experiencing negative events or life situations, the completeness of the “entry” of the therapist into her emotional state, that the client is actually heard and understood.


PDF 24-39 (Українська)


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