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ethnic tolerance
ethnic group
interethnic interaction

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The article presents the study on university students’ ethnic tolerance. Tolerance is regarded as an essential element in modern culturally, ethnically, religiously and politically multi-ethnic society. The development of the concept of an ethnic tolerance in modern psychology is reviewed. It has been revealed that ethnic tolerance is related with social processes and interethnic interactions. The influence of interethnic interactions on ethnic tolerance was determined. Many theoretical models exists the field of intergroup relations, but the concept of social tolerance is still very ambiguous. The formation of ethnic tolerance reflects the psychological aspects of inter-ethnic communications associated with different types of social relations in society.

The article puts a special emphasis on tolerance in the students’ environment, because tolerance among students has great practical significance, especially in multi-ethnic societies.

Also, the article presents the research methods used in the modern psychology to study the complexity, uniqueness, specificity of ethnic tolerance in society. The need for a practical study of ethnic tolerance has been proved.  The prospects for further research on ethnic tolerance and ethnic identity has been determined.

The results of the study on students’ ethnic tolerance are presented in the article. The data analysis revealed the factors influencing students’ ethnic tolerance in the Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine), the study involved 152 students. The obtained results showed that chosen methods were valid and reliable tools for ethnic tolerance assessment.

The prospects for further research on ethnic tolerance are determined. The conclusion is made on the need for further study of the formation of good ethnic tolerance in order to harmonize interethnic relations of young people. The model of ethnic tolerance formation can be applied in psychological research of all countries.
PDF 184-192 (Українська)


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