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Soroka, I., & Zasluzhena, A. (2021). SWOT ANALYSIS OF TEACHING PROCESS AT UNIVERSITIES DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC. PSYCHOLOGICAL JOURNAL, 7(8), 82–90. https://doi.org/10.31108/1.2021.7.8.7


Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has affected our lives at macro, meso, and micro levels, disrupted educational practices, caused challenges for university teachers but created opportunities as well. The study aimed to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which university teachers envision in their work during the Covid-19 pandemic. The study was performed by using the survey with the help of the questionnaire created by the authors and a Standardized STAI form (State-Trait Anxiety Inventory), constructed by Spielberger. The data were analysed with the help of SPSS v 21. The participants were 140 teachers (80 females, 60 males), aged between 30-50, from 6 universities of Ukraine. Strengths suggested by the teaching staff of Ukrainian universities: good relationships with students and administration, the grading system in universities, satisfying working conditions, good socializing, good experience, and moral satisfaction. Weaknesses: low salary, huge workload, bad technical support. The disadvantage of online teaching mentioned in the study is the absence of live communication. Other drawbacks of online teaching are as follows: online classes and preparation require more time and good time-management skills. Online teaching may create a sense of isolation. Lack of appropriate resources, power cuts were some of the challenges that teachers faced during their virtual classes. Some more issues mentioned by the teachers: passive students and difficulties in encouraging collaboration. The following Opportunities were identified in this research: the opportunity to develop skills, creativity, the opportunity of further education/teacher training, the opportunity to realize plans, the opportunity of promotion.  The teachers pointed out the following threats at work which they anticipate: conflicts with colleagues, unhealthy competition, loss of job, high demands, great responsibility. The findings suggest that the pandemic affects the mental health of both male and female university teachers; the levels of state and trait anxiety are higher among women. This research can serve as a basis for in-depth study of such issues as job satisfaction, well-being, and mental health.


PDF 82-90


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