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psychological support
doping strategy
post-traumatic stress disorder
crisis situations
professional adaptation
psychological readiness

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The article is devoted to the issue of psychological support of servicemen in professional activities, in particular the issue of psychological support, pastoral care and mentoring among servicemen. Psychological support among servicemen is aimed at maintaining psychological readiness for professional activity and resistance to the stressors of the work environment, the presence of emotional stability. The implementation of measures of psychological support of servicemen's activities is aimed at expanding psychological capabilities in the performance of official duties, maintaining mental health and creating the conditions for normal socialization and return of servicemen to normal functioning.

General areas of psychological support for the adaptation of servicemen are: identification of maladaptive factors that complicate the process of military service; reduction of the level and strength of cognitive, emotional and socio-psychological disorders caused by maladaptive factors; development of the psychological climate in the military; psychological support in improving the psychological characteristics and emotional state of the serviceman; formation of diligence, endurance, punctuality, accuracy in the execution of orders; assessment of the professional potential of a serviceman under contract when appointed to a vacant position during the interview; psychological training for the development of communicative qualities, self-esteem, self-acceptance; development of emotional self-control skills.

Professional adaptation is the adaptation of acquired professional experience and style of behavior and activities to the requirements of a particular military position (situation), the ability to quickly get used to unusual environmental factors, the assimilation of new contract functions and responsibilities, inclusion in professional cooperation and partnership, gradual development of competitiveness.

Psychological support involves assessing the real competence of the specialist, providing assistance in professional development, overcoming the feeling of professional inferiority that emerges, the formation of adequate professional self-esteem.

Areas of psychological support for servicemen are pastoral care and mentoring. The pastoral strategy is to provide psychological support and assistance to those in need, including combatants and other sections of the population. The clergy organize retreats, which teach religious teachings and strengthen parishioners in the faith. Mentoring is aimed at forming in young professionals - servicemen a rational system of knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for further specialized improvement and highly effective application in military activities. Psychological assistance to servicemen includes the use of short-term and systemic psychotherapy, autogenic training, skills of self-control of emotions in stressful situations, training of constructive coping strategies of behavior in crisis situations, search of resources, internal mechanisms of recovery and optimization of crisis states.
PDF 49-58 (Українська)


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