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economic socialization, agent of socialization, family, financial self-support, of personality privacy, family relationships, relationships.

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The article is devoted to the substantiation of basic theoretical and methodological approaches to the analysis of child’s economic socialization in the space of a low-income family as problem of social psychology. Socialized influence of family relations on the development of child’s economic culture is explained in terms of cultural-active, structural-functional, subjectness, behavioral and intersubjectness approaches.

It causes the child value matrix of attitudes to the economy, to themselves and others as actors of material and spiritual appropriation of economic benefits. It determines the forming of generalized image of the human host, form the core of the economic views and ideas about family, about yourself and others in relations related to appropriation of economic benefits. It determines the formation of a child's generalized image of a host-man. It is the core of the personal economic views and ideas about family, themself and others in relations of economic benefits appropriation.

It is shown that the economic culture of the family determines the child strategies of operating of economic benefits. 

Specified range of methodological approaches to the understanding of child’s economic socialization in the family makes it possible to present it as a process of formation and development of individual economic culture. It is a system of social and psychological qualities which provide productive authentic personality functioning in the system of relations of economic benefits appropriation.

Obviously, the economic culture the features of family sets the directions of socialization of child as an actor of an economy. The logic of our discussion represents an attempt to overcome the monopoly of adaptive-deterministic canon of the socialization psychology and offer subject-transforming vector in explaining the problems of child economic socialization. It is possible due to strengthening its by system and intersubjectness methodology.
PDF 56-64 (Українська)


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