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health consciousness
the value of health

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Morozova-Larina, O., Kazakov, S., & Halilova, M. (2021). IMPACT COVID-19 QUARANTINE ON THE VALUE OF HEALTH. PSYCHOLOGICAL JOURNAL, 7(7), 39–47.


The article presents the scientific-practical study on the transformation of the value of health in the situation of quarantine restrictions. The empirical study on manifestations of a health-care postponing mechanism in the context of the experienced value of health during the coronavirus pandemic is presented. The article describes the training for personal development, developed on the basis of the performed study, aimed at prioritizing health in the system of personal values; the results of its approbation are given. The training for personal development has been tested and has shown its effectiveness and efficiency.

The factors influencing manifestations of health care procrastination during quarantine restrictions and self-isolation have been identified and analyzed. The study identified factors that have a strong influence on the practical aspect of health consciousness, namely: psychological well-being, locus of control, and the emotional aspect of health consciousness.

Currently, social isolation is one of the most important social changes. An important construct of the value of health is psychological well-being, which is defined as the attitude and assessment of a person’s own mental state. An individual’s psychological-emotional state in the epidemiological situation depends on individual characteristics, external circumstances and the chosen strategy in the uncertain conditions. The psychological phenomenon of procrastination is inevitably manifested in the health area under conditions of quarantine restrictions.

The study results and the identified trends as for the value of health during the quarantine have confirmed the need for work aimed at creating theoretical and empirical models to get ideas about the real health state of representatives of various social groups, as well as the introduction of trainings aimed at forming an individual’s positive attitude to their own health and adequate protective strategies that help relieve psychological stress during the quarantine.
PDF 39-47 (Українська)


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