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criminal personality
psychological portrait
illegal acts

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Protsyk, L. (2020). THE PSYCHOLOGICAL FEATURES OF A CRIMINAL’S BEHAVIOR (Criminal Code, art. 152-156, 301, 304). PSYCHOLOGICAL JOURNAL, 6(12), 57–65.


The article studies of criminals who have committed unlawful acts against children. In particular, the article examines the behavioral characteristics of criminals who have committed offences described in articles 152-156, 301, 304 the Criminal Code of Ukraine, namely: infringe on sexual freedom and sexual inviolability of a child; pornography manufacture, sale or distribution; involvement of minors into criminal activities, drunkenness, begging, gambling. The most common features of criminals who have infringed on sexual freedom and sexual inviolability of a child are: egoism, often turns into egocentrism, when an individual act only to fulfill his/her own interests, desires and inclinations. Criminals by chance and persistent (“evil”) criminals are distinguished. Crimes by chance are predominantly committed under alcoholic intoxication or drug agitation. The persistent type is characterized by persistent aggression, the tendency to resolve conflicts with physical strength, cruelty. People infringing on sexual freedom and sexual inviolability of a child are often also characterized by mental abnormalities of varying degrees. These abnormalities are also revealed in peculiarities of criminals’ value orientations: norms governing sexual relations, humanistic values ​​are ignored by them. Criminals involved in pornography manufacture, sale or distribution of are divided into: pornography authors, manufacturers or distributors. It is almost impossible to detect such criminals; they do not show their sexual deviations in everyday life. A random thing in a frame can become a clue revealing such criminals. Pornography manufacturers have some knowledge and skills in computer technology and in printing industry, own audio and video recording equipment. As for pornography distributors, such people, as a rule, do not suffer from any sexual or mental abnormalities, do not receive obvious satisfaction from being engaged in such activities, and consider their activities only as a job, a way of money earning. As the court practice shows, minors are involved in criminal activities mainly by their family members (parents, siblings, uncles or aunts, and others). Children see criminal examples - drunkenness, fights, begging, etc. - and learn such behavior, consider them as normal or are afraid to complain, so that, join criminals. People consistently involving minors into criminal activities are characterized by developed antisocial features, deformed moral and legal consciousness. The presented criminal types and their behavior are not comprehensive; the article presents only overview.
PDF 57-65 (Українська)


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