Kateryna Muranenko
National Academy of Internal Affairs
PDF 85-98 (Українська)


juvenile delinquency
youth crime
crime prevention
foreign experience
repressive concept
re-socialization model
restitution model
social integration approach

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Muranenko, K. (2019). JUVENILE DELINQUENCY PREVENTION IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES. PSYCHOLOGICAL JOURNAL, 5(2), 85-98. https://doi.org/10.31108/1.2019.2.22.6


This article presents the description of juvenile delinquency prevention in foreign countries. It was determined the main effective characteristics which can be embodied in Ukrainian juvenile delinquency prevention system. Prevention systems of Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan were described in four basic concepts of youth crime prevention. There are repressive, re-socialization, restitution and social integration approaches. Ukrainian juvenile delinquency prevention belongs to repressive model. The author shows that repressive approach can also be effective. Some aspects of repressive model manifested in German juvenile delinquency prevention. But the basis of this system is finding the reasons of committing crime. Delinquency prevention system in Germany, as in the Netherlands, combines repressive and re-socialization approaches. Juvenile delinquency prevention in Japan is an example of re-socialization model. But they pay attention to necessity of cooperation of different institutions. Legislation of Great Britain shows social integration model. France is an example of restitution approach. But all this delinquency prevention systems contain the signs of other approaches. So the most effective approach is combination of different models. At the same time juvenile delinquency prevention must be holistic and coordinated. The analysis of effective prevention systems shows that it is necessary to pay attention to legal field, specialized courts and special subjects of juvenile delinquency prevention.

It should be noted that the legislation on administrative responsibility and prevention of administrative offenses, in particular, the institution of administrative law, is inherent only in the countries of Eastern Europe. The legislation of Western countries under administrative responsibility provides for other relations. In accordance with the regulatory framework of Western European countries, all illegal acts fall under the concept of “criminal offenses”, but they are considered offenses that do not entail consequences such as a criminal record. At the same time, in many countries of the world, not only crimes are prosecuted as norms of criminal law, but also acts that are not considered crimes in Ukrainian legislation.


PDF 85-98 (Українська)


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