Katerina Vasuk
Vasul Stus Donetsk National University
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cultural tradition

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In the article we have realized theoretical analysis investigations and empirical researching the Hero in Slavic culture. We compared it with stories in West Europe, analyzed the differences in the filling of the image of Hero in the archetypical stories of different cultures.

On the base of theoretical analysis of the theories about problem we have defined, that the Hero is specifically standard of positive, prosocial behavior. We must have to aim to the standard of behavior.

As the main objective of the study was revealing specifically features of the Hero in the Slavic culture. They determine modern perception and evaluation of person’s behavior as heroic. As the method of investigation, we used the meaningful analysis of ancient Slavic stories about heroes, including content analysis, as well as a comparative analysis of the selected behavioral patterns and personality traits in the image of the Hero with personal features and features of exploits of modern heroes. Image of Hero is power mean of education for new generation. That’s why the image was formed for interest of the ruling strata of the population. Also, there are two types of heroes, they are local and social. Social Hero is retrospective definition. Popular personals pretend this role.

The reasons for this are not always in original exploit, these personals are carriers of real or imagined personality traits that are recognized in the given social group as ideal. For Slavic culture is expression of archetype Hero as image “bohatir”, after  “kozak” in Ukrainian culture. In the West Europe’s culture, he is knight. As personal features, which are basic orientin in this archetype, we used asceticism, modesty, a pronounced sense of justice and courage. But Slavic heroes have negative features of character as ordinary people. The image of Hero has an inferiority complex in the classical form described by A. Adler. He described two main the source of the inferiority complex formation is physical defects and the result of incorrect education, that is, the way to heroism lies through overcoming this complex.

Retrospective analyses  showed being dynamics in the change of these components, which are carried out under the influence of socio-cultural changes. Questions about level influence this archetype image to heroic behavior of the person,  ratio of conscious and unconscious components of behavior in modern world are not researched.

Key words: archetype, cultural tradition, exploit, Hero.


PDF 249-260 (Українська)


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