Olga Proskurniak
Yurii Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University
PDF 138-150 (Українська)


interpersonal dependency, extended family, family stability, marriage success, marital relationships.

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Proskurniak, O. (2018) “FACTORS WHICH INFLUENCE THE QUALITY OF REMARRIAGE”, PSYCHOLOGICAL JOURNAL, 11(1), pp. 138-150. doi: 10.31108/1.2018.1.11.11.


The article presents the theoretical analysis and empirical research of factors, which influence the quality of remarriage.

In the article we have investigated the topicality of the research, examined the presentation of the above mentioned problem in the modern psychological literature; analyzed the quality of the marital relationships in extended families; presented the research methodologies; described the results of the empirical study, which determined the factors which influence the success of the remarriage and outlined the possible future research of this topic.

The family’s stability is influenced by the following factors, which may be divided into: internal (the way interpersonal relationships are distributed in the family, roles allocation, spouses values orientation, couple’s conflict level, etc.); and external (socio-economic environment, family’s social status, etc.).

While forming stable relationships in the family the important part is played by the socio-psychological component. The psychological climate in the family should be favourable for both husband and wife, in order to successfully develop the family. While forming the family the couple should be psychologically compatible, capable of getting used to external and internal conditions, should be able to find the right solution in conflict situations and keep the positive mindset aimed at preserving the family.

The questions outlined in the article are: theoretical-methodological regarding the concept base formation in social psychology and development of the appropriate research methods for the above stated problem; essential-analytical concerning the investigation assessment of the remarriage phenomenon, determination of its psychological content, investigation of psychological problems in functioning of the extended family, and determination of factors, which cause the success of the remarriage.

We have concluded, that  the rejection of infantile scenarios, role adequacy and overcoming the destructive family interaction models (interpersonal dependency, difference in family role expectations and rejection of ineffective reaction methods in conflict situations) are the factors, which influence the creation of mature matrimonial relationships and as a result the successful marriage.


PDF 138-150 (Українська)


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